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St Peter Lutheran Church is a congregation rich in heritage, organized in the 1700’s, united in Christ, lives and practices the Lutheran doctrine, and reaches out to the community through evangelism and stewardship.

We are a rural community of believers, that have many gifted members who actively lead and serve our congregation and community. We gather weekly for Sunday worship service to grow our faith in Christ Jesus.

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Our Choir - This Land

Our Choir - 11/19/2017

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Return from The Gathering...

Our delegation has returned from this year's Gathering in Minnesota with hope and anticipation of fruitful responses from our Pastoral Call Breakout Sessions. We are all tired but had a great trip and made many new friends with pastors and fellow LCMC congregations. It was a sight to behold and we hope that other members can make the journey to next year's Gathering in Iowa.

Pastoral Call Update

We have received responses from our efforts at the Gathering and the call committee has started to review perspective pastors resumes and complete background checks. When cleared, the Call committee will attempt to schedule them to visit our church and lead our service for a Sunday. We are trying to get all of the visits in by the end of the year but that could change with the candidates availability during the holiday season. Maybe a second round of candidates is in order to more fully round out our selection pool, giving us a better chance for a closer fit for us. God willing.

Visiting Pastor Karis Hagen

We have a visiting Call Pastor coming in to preach. She found us at the Gathering in October and has responded to our call. Please join us to welcome her to PA. Stay after church for a Meet and Greet with finger food and drinks. All are welcome.

Pastor Call to Pr. Karis Hagen

On this day the congregation voted to call Pr Hagen. On Monday the council contacted her and offered our tentative call package. Tentative in that the congregation needs to ratifier it in the Special Congregational Meeting of January 7th, 2018. It will then be sent to Pr Hagen for her official acceptance. With GOD's will, happy days are here again!


Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee Chairperson , Doris Kahler, is retiring the end of this year.If you are interested in helping with Worship, please let a councilman know. Worship sets the guidelines for services and pastoral care. All are welcome to help.

About our CALL: Pastors ONLY


Calendar of Events

The Spaghetti Dinner was a hit and we had over 80 dinners served, both dine in and take up. We want to thank the community for their support of our efforts and we are looking forward to our next event. Check in often for what the next one will be.


St Peter Bulletin

St Peter is working on a new church bulletin and when we get a new Pastor, the bulletin will tailored to our services and our new pastor.

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Pr Hagen's Visit in November Sermon